Online video is an essential element in the digital marketing strategy. The IAB indicates that investment in online video advertising increased 24% compared to the same period of the previous year. On the other hand, the demand for audiovisual content continues to grow, despite the fact that television continues to be the king of media. It is estimated that viewers spend up to 4.5 hours a day in front of the television, although more and more users are turning to their mobile devices to watch online video. Currently, it is estimated that these smart terminals represent 22% of the total.

In 2015, mobile video ad spend will exceed $ 26 billion globally. To guarantee the success of this investment, these actions should be part of a comprehensive strategic planning, based on global objectives, and as an important part of the same story, told through all channels. Thus, storytelling should be the common thread of the company’s digital marketing strategy, which illustrates the message in all media, adapting to different formats. A combination that can be enriching, and impact the target audience.

It is about working under the same storyline, not designing a message for each social platform, or using online advertising exclusively as a medium through which to launch impacts, in the purest traditional style. Users hate video ads; therefore, let us use the multiple possibilities of digital formats to offer quality content, based on storytelling. Likewise, we cannot forget  Hungary WhatsApp Number List   that online video is the most demanded type of content on the internet, why not implement it within our Social Media strategy, or digital marketing? We have seen how 76% of users share videos on Facebook. It is an interesting platform for the dissemination of content; to promote our storytelling, based on quality content, oriented to our target audience.

On the other hand, videos have shown their ability to increase the time spent on a page, and knowledge of the product, why not use them to promote the conversion of a landing page? It is a way of generating trust, clearing up doubts inherent in decision-making and improving the assimilation of content. Definitely, video does not have to be a piece of content isolated from the rest, but it can contribute to improving the effectiveness of the global digital marketing strategy, regardless of whether it is used in Social Media, or in other digital platforms . It is only a matter of creating useful and quality content, attending to a global storytelling.

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