Digital Marketing · Customer Insights · Content Strategist · Consultant · Trainer · Lecturer · … Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchangeIt turns out that this year that Content Marketing ends, it is the mouth of all those responsible for marketing. There have been many comings and goings, tests, tests, doubts; but everything seems to indicate that the bet for next year will increase. And it will become more professional and more relevant. 1. Content Marketing will be more strategic So far we were looking at very tactical, almost reactive bets. You had to have a blog to talk about something and also to position yourself in search engines. Fortunately, we are getting through this phase. Little by little, of course. Content marketing is beginning to be part of the strategy, it is the new ‘fuel’ that drives the ‘vehicle’ of digital marketing.

Content development is at the core of the digital strategy. Another change of approach, perhaps even more relevant, is that content marketing is no longer seen only as an element of traffic attraction, something created to appear well positioned in Google. The content is the key to the Brazil WhatsApp Number List   retention strategy and this implies thinking more about the conversion, thinking about the recipient of the content. We went from writing for a search engine to developing stories for users . A third sign of the relevance of content marketing is that it is documented. It is no longer enough to explain more or less what is going to be done: it is analyzed, planned, executed and reviewed, like any other component of the strategy. 3. Content Marketing will be more timely Until now everyone was talking about the relevance of content, the importance of content, the added value of content, etc. Very few were mentioning the timeliness of content, and this is not just a play on words. Timely content reaches a specific audience at a specific time.

This means that the processes of making contact of the audience with the content issuer ( customer journey ) are analyzed , to create different types of content according to the phase of that process. We will see this change more marked throughout 2015. Different content, not only for different audiences, but for different stages of contact between the audience and the issuer of the content. A blog presents articles for a wide audience, in which the issuer wants to be known and wants his proposal (service or product) to be known. When this audience goes through a research process (because they believe that the issuer can offer a solution to their problem), or when they are comparing with other solutions on the market, they will find different types of content. 3. Content Marketing will be more diverse Almost as a consequence of a more strategic commitment (content as a driver) and a process vision (content as a facilitator in the phases of contact with the audience), content will gain in diversity. Reading content will continue to reign supreme in B2B business models, but not just the blog anymore.

Ebooks, reports, reports, dossiers, comparisons, guides, etc. they will be some of the types of content that we will see grow in quantity in 2015. But not everything is reading content, visual content is beginning to break through with force and not only with animated videos (which continue to gain strength). Image galleries, motion graphics, infographics, and other forms of visual content are gaining importance. Some ‘transmedia ideas’ are beginning to emerge within content marketing that will surely take hold. The same concept, for example, reflected in an article (short format), a downloadable ebook or report (long format), a slidedeck (presentation format) and an infographic (concept and images). It turns out that an exciting 2015 a

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