Influencers are today the best example of how. The industry the market and society have been transformed. These characters of the digital age are the dominant. Ones in the conversation within the network, an example of. This is the fact that they no longer only content creators. Are limited to a universe immersed within the platforms. And social networks but it is thanks to their popularity that. They have managed to diversify their market seeking. To impact their follower sin various lines of business the most. Common being the restaurant trade an example. Of this is the announcement made during the early.

Hours of Today by the Streamer Known as

Gundersen better at the same time, known as el rubius. Who officially announced the launch of his a hamburger. Line in collaboration with another great pair of influencers. And an international chef who has 3 michelin stars. It was through a post VP Admin Email List made within the social network twitter. Where the launch and the hamburger and the. Collaboration with which it was possible were officially. Announced @willyrexyt before this announcement. Demonstrating his enthusiasm the following if you ask anything. I want you to do review! And put a note! And photo. Request that was quickly taken into account generating. Thousands of comments hundreds of reactions and various. Photographs of the followers consuming the dish this within. The conversation on the other hand, generated in.

Hamburger the Streamer and Content

VP Admin Email List

Creator el rubius achieved popularity on networks as. Of 2014 by exceeding six million subscribers a fact he. Celebrated during a dj skrillex concert in barcelona ​​causing. His popularity to increase thanks to his vlogs on big. Electronic music festivals like the ultra music festival. Or tomor rowland by the same token, do you play ‘minecraft’ and need a job. It is worth mentioning that the spanish influencer is in the 35th. Position of the highest paid streamers since he has. A fortune of at least 67,883.27 dollars this estimated for. October of last year, in the same way the streamer has. A company called snofokk sl, which was incorporated in may 2013. The restaurant equally important, guild has been widely.

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