can be so exhausting that after 3 attempts they lose interest or give up on a lead . However, when value is offered, . And, in many cases, it has been proven that there is a tendency to respond to the seventh or ninth attempt, so it is necessary to fill that gap in the most efficient way possible. Today it is no longer necessary to follow up in a mechanical way that takes time and wears out sales staff , when there are tools such as Hubspot’s CRM that allow you to automate and optimize these tasks. Prospecting sequences can create multiple steps to automatically generate customer contact.

The CRM fills in the personal data  that the sales staff does not have to deal with it. It can also be a useful tool to coordinate meetings more efficiently thanks to online scheduling that makes it easy for the customer to see the availability of the sales representative and schedule the meeting based on it. 5. How to scale my business process and make it repeatable? The biggest challenge for business is making processes repeatable. This means that every salesperson coming into the company will already

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have an established process to replicate. As we know, it costs a lot to incorporate a new collaborator and become productive. Technology allows it to be done from day one by having a Malta Phone Number t andardized process that incorporates the best practices that, in the experimentation process, have been the ones that have worked best. However, when the process is not clear, inconsistencies can be seen in the processes followed by each sales representative. If it is not adopted in a standardized way, the established process remains only


on paper. Therefore, it is necessary to seek compliance in the best possible way. 6. How to take advantage of data to create best practices? Data has become the key factor for all companies. Although they all have data, without a CRM, the best source of data to support sales processes is being wasted. The data is used to improve the sales process, the product,be used to identify the best practices that will enable the entire sales team to achieve the goals. That is the beauty of CRM: it highlights the best practices

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of the top sellers to replicate them in the rest of the team and thus grow the business. With the CRM you can have a clear idea of ​​what the top seller does , from calls, meetings, to emails. Having a measurement and monitoring of the process, it will be easy to plan a standardized route so that the entire team is made up of top sellers . Regardless of industry, any business can benefit from Hubspot’s CRM technology. This tool allows you to identify best practices, incorporate them into a standardized process and optimize the work of

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