Online video has become a fashionable element when it comes to online content. In recent years, Internet users have begun to consume more videos than ever and have migrated their informational interests in content matters from traditional media to new online media. Sites like YouTube have begun to monopolize the daily consumption of hours of video and consumers are beginning to discover what they want to see (or see what they want to see) more and more on VoD platforms instead of on traditional media for this. type of content such as television.

The growing role of online video in the present is therefore almost undeniable, but what will happen in the future? Where will the shots go in what we can expect in the field of online video? Will this industry become one of those that undoubtedly mark the online reality? YouTube has just turned 10 years old and, therefore, is starring in an avalanche of topics in the media and interviews with its managers. And from one of these conversations, one that Robert Kyncl, his head of content and business operations, has had with The Guardian, a few conclusions can be drawn about how he believes the online video market will evolve. How does YouTube see video on the internet after 10 years of viewing?

It is true that we did not have to wait for YouTube to come and tell us to find out. The mobile has become the fashionable element and the fundamental issue that we must not lose sight of. Different  Kenya phone number list   studies have already pointed out the very high growth that the mobile phone has had in the online market as a point of access to content, especially with regard to video. More and more consumers are accessing this content from these terminals and therefore the companies in this market are clearly and strongly betting on these screens.

“For us, a lot of our focus is on mobile: mobile product development, mobile content development, making sure that mobile video works on all operators in the world. It’s all mobile, mobile, mobile,” says Kyncl . The manager recognizes that the mobile is a complicated terrain in which to be and in which to position oneself, but he also assures that it is a space in which great opportunities for the future will come. According to YouTube’s own statistics, mobile video viewing time has grown by 100% year-on-year in 2014 and is already half of all video network content viewing time.

Consumers are on mobile, those responsible for online content are betting on this content and brands are, of course, focusing on them as the key to reaching consumers. The manager is convinced that the future of advertising associated with video is mobile. That is, advertisers will migrate to mobile terminals and the content seen from these screens to reach consumers. The different doomsayers who have announced the death of television and other forms of traditional audiovisual content have not been few. Their reasons have. Consumers are seeing more and more content from their mobile devices, true that, but also the content consumption figures in the usual sources are not very good.

“It is a flat business and is actually in slight decline. It is a business without growth at this point,” explains the manager about the situation in which they find films and television programs that, as he recalls, have been developing the same for 70 years. type of product and have created in this time a product born for very large screens (and not the small ones that are now setting the trend). And while they are declining, new media, such as online video, are on the rise.

Until now, when people talk about elements of success on the Internet, they used to talk about developed markets, where access to the Internet is widespread and of high quality and where, therefore, all the elements that are setting trends can be developed. However, the mobile has brought a very interesting change. Many of the great changes that it fosters, such as m-commerce, for example, are developing more rapidly in emerging markets. And in other areas the changes are managing to modify elements very

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