The differential point of this year’s presentations is that Google, almost for the first time, has decide to focus on the importance of the offline world , that is, the physical world, the real one. Normally they ignore it as something collateral and always sweep towards the digital territory but this time they have given importance to it by presenting the mobile device and its services and digital platforms as the point of interaction between both worlds. It has been very refreshing to hear them say things like The key to success in the coming years will be building the best bridges.

That Connect People And Information

Objects in the physical world. is already beginning to mature, turning it into a tool to make life easier, not as an escapist means or a ‘better’ parallel world. Don’t worry, websites and online games will continue to exist . We are beginning to be Henan Phone Number List able to measure how decision making in the offline world feeds on digital information more often than the other way around. As I understand it, the narrative of the Google Summit was more and more we use the internet to know and decide what to do, but we want to do it in person, with people.

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In The Digital Realm With Activities

To have a vivid and reliable experience. Thus, the best advertisers will learn to use the digital bridge to connect with their audiences both offline Bold Data and online , looking for relevant connections, being where they are need to add value. Google is the company that will be able to do it. Obviously, that during the Google Summit they want to sell the dream that they are destine to be the main platform for interaction between users and brands base on the importance of being relevant and timely as an advertiser is not surprising.

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