In relevant news for digital marketers who need to know immediately. How a video is performing on youtube, the company. Announced that the number of views. Will no longer stay at “301+” during the first few hours. As it is today. . Mexico.- in relevant news for digital marketing .Professionals who need to know immediately what the performance. Of a video is on youtube , the company announced that the number of views will no longer. stay at “301+” during the first hours as happens to this day.

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With your phone (video)Do you notice anything different on YouTube? Now the controls have transparency They upload a million minutes of historical facts to YouTube YouTube is one of the favorite video platforms of digital Cambodia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists agencies and marketing professionals, although this year the Google company has seen how Facebook has stolen market share from it and some of its former associates, such as Vevo, TED and Red Bull are making their own web services and apps and therefore are competitors.

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And the curious, know that when someone uploads a video. And it begins to go viral, the number of views “stacks” at 301+. According to youtube, this happens to give the system. Time to know which views are real , that is, they are not the product. Of bot visits . Through a tweet on its official account, youtube creators announced. That we will no longer see the famous “301+” in the videos, but rather the views. That are sure are true will be marked and then those. Who submit will be added. To review. This new feature will be of great help to vloggers and content. Creators who need to know immediately. How their videos are performing.

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