The sea, the fire, the struggle,: the myth of the foundation, of the sea as a place of encounter (and also of struggle), as the forge of civilization. Younger ones may not remember this show;nebulae , biographical stories, fantasy literature, sects, or Count Arnau. He has worked with seriousness, rigor and dedication. And this is noticeable in his texts. Do you dare to read them? I’m sure you’ll be enchanted… Here you will find his CV.

Therefore, maybe now is the time. And for those of us who experienced it live, enjoy it again. Hello.text called Pels camins de l’Etnografia: a tribute to Joan Prat published by the URV and which brings together contributions from anthropologists from all over the state. Joan Prat has also been extensively concerned with documenting the history of anthropology in Spain, of Bibliographies and publishing texts such as the highlights: PRAT I CAROS, Joan, 1992. The social sciences in Spain. Immediate history, criticism and perspectives.

Directing The Collection

Therefore, Editorial Complutense, Madrid. PRAT I CAROS, Joan, 1991. Reflections on the new objects of study Colombia Phone Number in Spanish social anthropology in CÁTEDRA, María (Ed.). The Spaniards seen by anthropologists. Editorial Jucar Joan Prat has worked on identity, oriental spirituality (in the recent book The New Cultural Imaginaries: Oriental Spirituality, Natural Therapies and Esoteric Knowledge . Tarragona, URV Publications, still in press), on witches, saints, demons, goddesses,


Therefore, The fields of education and business will also be taken as examples. Day: Monday, November 12, 2012, 6:30 p.m. Question Three: Am I Nature? Current contradictions between human beings and the natural . Philosophy professor Joan Ramon Vila will talk about central problems that every worldview must solve: the relationship with the natural. He will make a perspective on the current meaning of this relationship in the social imaginary and new discourses to conclude that there is a tendency for new ways of experiencing this relationship closer to equilibrium.

One Of The Most

Therefore, What will be the new ecology between Anthophos and Physis? Day: Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 6:30 p.m. Question Four: Ten Years of Peace and Democratization in Afghanistan. How politics is restored in a society traumatized by violence. Anthropologist and political scientist Elia Susanna , who has been going to Afghanistan since 2008 for her doctoral dissertation. He is investigating the difficult process of politicization of a country. Therefore, that has been embroiled in violence for decades, as these violent experiences set fire to a democracy that is not advancing. His experience and research

Therefore, from the country itself will give us keys to a better understanding of one of the centers of tension in the contemporary world and what the international community calls ‘Processes of Peace and. Therefore, Democratization’. Day: Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 6:30 p.m. Cycle organized by: Arts and Humanities Studies at the UOC and the Official College of Doctors and Graduates in Philosophy and Arts and

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