In order to cope with more business scenarios. And meet the rich and changeable business needs Singapore Phone Number  at a lower cost, b-end products must consider higher. Flexibility at the beginning of the design, which is Singapore Phone Number one of the most important. Principles in b-end product design. However, when faced with specific business scenarios, it is easy for b-side product managers. To make a solid plan according to the clear requirements, which leads to the development. Students’ code “hard-coded” when they are implemented, and they want to. Do something later. Change is really difficult. In order to achieve the goal of higher flexibility of b-end. Products, it is necessary to support from multiple levels of product architecture, implementation methods.

Must Consider Higher Singapore Phone Number

functional design. As a product manager, i mainly think. From the functional design level. This Singapore Phone Number article is the beginning of this series,. First to help everyone establish a global awareness. 01 how to improve Singapore Phone Number  flexibility? In general, there are two ideas fo. Improving flexibility in functional design: first: forecast demand that is, when we think about a. Demand plan, we simultaneously Singapore Phone Number  predict various scenarios that may occur in the future business, and. Make a universal plan in advance. This method can improve product flexibility to a certain extent, but it is also. Very limited: on the one hand, the product manager needs to have a very in-depth. Understanding of the business in order to predict more accurately.

This Series, First to Singapore Phone Number

Singapore Phone Number List
Singapore Phone Number List

On the other hand, the scenarios that can. Be envisaged in advance are limited, so the universal Singapore Phone Numbers  scope of the scheme is also very limited, and it is impossible to be completely flexible. Therefore, this idea is mainly applied to functions that require fewer. Scenarios and are easy to define. Second: configuration the second idea is Singapore Phone Numbers  the protagonist we are going to. Introduce in this series – configuration. Make product functions flexible and configurable, and meet. Various “unexpected” needs in the business through the combination of different configurations. Next, get to the point. 02 what is functional configuration? Different angles. Have different definitions. From the perspective of product design: function configuration means that users can quickly configure functions. That meet their own needs through.

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