WhatsApp is a very powerful tool for your business. Unlike a phone call, it allows you to attend several people simultaneously and everything you say is also in writing. It is growing at a rapid rate. It currently has about 500 million users and it is very likely that your customers do. With the ease it offers us, it is very common for mistakes to be made. Here I mention some of the mistakes for you to make.

Abusing the offers WhatsApp is super personal. Every time you receive a message you feel the need to see it. The few times after receiving a message with an offer from the same company, we feel persecuted and a natural reaction is to block the number where they come from. You must be careful not to get confused about people and uses. If you are talking  Sri-Lanka Phone Number List  with a client and with your partner simultaneously, it is very easy for you to make mistakes. And believe me sending a message of love to your client is an embarrassing situation that you want to avoid. You should also be careful to send the photos of the last rumba to the group of clients.

Promote yourself in unrelated groups Getting messages about real estate in a group dedicated to pets is the most annoying and disrespectful thing there is. It is good to join many groups and help other people, but it is definitely a mistake to take advantage of unrelated groups to talk about your products. This is a bad practice inherited from email. Buy a list of phones with certain profiles and send them messages about your company. In email it is a bad practice and in WhatsApp as well. The people interested in your company are obtained little by little, do not look for shortcuts that in the end end up affecting your reputation.

Send videos and photos all the time In many cases, people pay their telephone bill for the use or the amount of megabytes they consume. When you send videos without asking for permission, you could be costing people money and at the end of the day they will block you. In conclusion, WhatsApp helps you stay close to your clients and prospects. It is a very useful tool with which you can serve many people simultaneously. With some basic rules of respect, you avoid chasing your friends and they end up blocking you.

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