Therefore, were already by a tradition of centralized power and an extensive royal jurisdiction. Unitarian pressures took off, astheir power and extend their dominions through conquest and dynastic strategies. Two forms of union stand out in this process : the accessory , through conquest and assimilation (as applied in the American domains, in Ireland, in Bohemia, in Franche-Comté…) and the ” aeque principaliter “.”Or horizontal, which respected the political-constitutional order of the incorporated territory and was based on the pact between the ruler and the subjects, as was the case in the Crown of Aragon, Scotland and Hungary.

Although the consolidation of the absolute monarchy overshadowed the emerging national formations at the end of the Middle Ages, and as a result of the process of aggregation at the end of the eighteenth century there had been a drastic reduction in units. independent, incorporation into a broader political unit did not necessarily mean the end of national identities (although it is obvious that the state strengthened the nation). <u> And where we say “national identities” you read parliamentary model, dynamic civil society, emphyteutic property </u>…

The Number Of Political

The path of representative governments was the only one that, in the long run, was compatible with Belarus Phone Number odern economic growth, although the same modern states with representative governments impos themselves on the rest of the world (imperialism) and dealt with them. to prevent the conditions of political modernization, which would have made it difficult to maintain colonial subordination. However, in order for political representation to be to economic growth , a vigorous civil society is als (for example, “horizontal” citizen associations: guilds, trade societies, mutual aid societies,


Therefore, cultural associations…), incompatible with absolutism, to strengthen the fabric of civil society and. Local government institutions (where they dominated the vertical relations of hierarchy and difference, the fabric of civil society was weaker, royal absolutism managed to imposed themselves, and representative political forms took much longer to emerge). Josep Fontana emphasizes the association between political representation and civil society and insists on the importance of being able to rely on the initiative of a vigorous civil society for economic development.

The Emergence Of New

The technological and scientific superiority of the West in the last two centuries does not. Come so much from ideas as from the greater access of society to these ideas (the socialization of technology). Which was made possible by the existence of a social network made up of universities. Publishers and institutions. This idea of ​​network, applicable to. Catalan society, is, perhaps, the main differentiating element with respect to the idea of ​​linear tree structure. Applicable to Castilian society. For centuries, these two models of society coexisted juxtaposed.

The problem arose when the Castilian model became the dominant model for the construction of contemporary Spain as a nation-state. It is a good basis for starting the analysis and reflection on current sovereignist approaches…f the people? Or maybe economic, because of the wealth of nationsAdam Smith? One last attempt can be made and, via the Internet, the Encyclopa ia Britannica can be consulted and…, after defining it as “people”, refers to the word nationalism. Is it the nation using Hobsbawm’s terms, an invented reality, or an imagin community, as

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