Carmen Santo Personal Branding and Online Reputation Consulting. Social Media Manager of @ Ready4Social. Journalist… Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success storiesCourse on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories73% of companies consider that they provide their customers with a good experience through mobile devices. On the other hand, just over a third of these (36%) agree with this statement, according to the MBlox report. Mobile devices are a way that allows direct contact between the company and its customers. 86% of the participants in the study showed their willingness to connect with brands through these smart terminals. However, only 58% of companies use these devices as a channel to encourage customer engagement.

According to the MBlox report, brands should combine their mobile marketing strategy with actions aimed at improving the customer experience, in order to create opportunities for rapprochement in all key phases of the purchasing process; developing an effective presence across all contact points. In short, customer service must be a priority for brands, also  Canada WhatsApp Number List   through mobile devices; ahead of your marketing strategy. What channels do mobile users prefer to connect with brands? According to eDigital Research, online chat , social networks and e-mail are the three channels preferred by customers to contact brands. Preferences that also affect mobile consumers. The study carried out by Moxie indicates that 2 out of 3 consumers were in favor of using this means of communication on their mobile devices.

Likewise, 82% showed their interest in using this service. The predisposition on the part of men to use these tools to connect online with brands stands out, from their mobile device. The study indicates that the percentage of men who shop daily with their smartphone is double that of women. When contacting the company, 24% of them prefer to use online chat. 46% claimed to have used it on their smart terminal. The mobile experience conditions customer loyalty Definitely, the mobile experience with businesses continues to be frustrating. The global survey conducted by Netbiscuits also indicated that 96% of the study participants were not able to complete the task they wanted on a company website. The study shows that bad user experience is one of the main enemies of loyalty. It involves interrupting the buying process in a frustrating way, with the consequent loss of trust and credibility in the brand. On the other hand, a good mobile experience, in addition to increasing the conversion rate, is worthy of praise. 80% of mobile consumers say they have recommended a brand, due to the quality of their mobile experience.

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