and many times you could make with a customer who will not end up making a purchase, committing effort and time. Hubspot ‘s CRM helps sales reps structure their information. As easy as a click, you can see your tasks, sent emails, the history and interaction of each prospect, the top leads, etc. But, at the same time, it allows you to be more efficient. Considering that most reps can only spend 20% of their time selling because they’re stuck on repetitive tasks , CRM gives them a way to organize and optimize their time. But, at the same time, by having an organiz

way of looking at the story of each of your prospects and the analytics that allow each of them to be measur the CRM will encourage you to be more creative in the way you reach certain contacts. 2. The day begins by schuling appointments. How to establish an order of operations? The quality of a lead changes over time. If the time is not us, the person loses interest and the chances of closing the sale decrease. Therefore, being in real . But, it would be impossible to be aware of what is happening 24/7 and that is when you can take advantage of technology and automation.

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By automating the follow-up processes of the prospects, it is possible to: Establish an order of operations. Georgia Phone Number uce noise in one day. Ensure best practices. Automation in this case occurs through workflows or work flows, which allow the identification and automatic execution of the steps to be follow for a certain action carri out or pending to be carri out by the client or prospect, from responses to an email or even renewal. of contracts and much more. 3. How to build trust with prospects showing genuine interest in helping? This has a lot to do with the mindset


of the sales team because it is not about selling, but about helping the customer. Therefore, in communications, mainly those made through emails, there are 3 important points to take into account: Relevance: what is communicat must be in line with what the company offers. Reward: Customers give their time and expect to learn or understand something in return. Requirement: what is communicat must be related to a requirement that you have.

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The support that Hubspot gives at of templates, that is, standardiz emails that meet these criteria and that can be personaliz according to the specific data of a client or prospect. These templates allow you to automate the sending of emails to optimize the time of sales executives. In addition, best practices can be integrat into a single template to standardize communication and increase sales opportunities. In the same way, being

integrated into the CRM, you can have an analysis of what is working. 4. How can I make the contextual relationship process with my prospects scalable? Sales reps spend a lot of time mechanically remembering, scheduling, and organizing actions. Many times even the task of following up can be so exhausting that after 3 attempts they lose interest or give up on a lead . However, when value is offered, the prospect will eventually respond. And, in many cases, it has been proven

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