It’s the color of power and strength.Nigeria WhatsApp Number List As well as love and Disney romance. But the meaning of red goes way beyond fast cars and heart-shaped chocolate boxes. Through evolution, and thousands of years of human civilization, red has been used to tell stories, stir emotion and to get us to spend more money. Learn what the color means to different cultures around the world, and find out how to best use it for your business in our exploration of the color red. In the beginning, there was red — Evolutionarily, red is a signal of heightened emotions, both good and bad. Think of our how our cheeks flush with anger when we’re upset, or how they blush when our crush pays us a compliment.

In nature, the vibrant patterns

In nature, the vibrant patterns of poison. Nigeria WhatsApp Number List Dart frogs help warn predators to stay away. And in reverse fashion it also attracts animals by serving as a signal of ripened fruit. Either way, the color red developed in nature in order to stand out. red sun horses mustang birds silhouette via Unsplash Throughout civilization, people have also applied their own meanings to red. Humans have adopted the evolutionary meaning of red and use it as a warning color (think stop signs and traffic signals). But we’ve also added layers of color psychology to give it a variety of associations. For example, in some places red is perceive as a lucky color, likely because of it’s natural association with the sun, a ready harvest and other life-giving cues. red business card intensify by ultrastjarna.

In addition to evolutionary and

Nigeria WhatsApp Number List

In addition to evolutionary and cultural.Nigeria WhatsApp Number List Interpretations, individuals also have personal associations with colors. That’s why red might be your brother’s favorite, but your most hated color. Hardcore Yankees fan? Yeah, those Red Sox can eat it! In Western culture red has become a symbol for passion, excitement, speed and strength. But where exactly did these ideas come from? Red throughout history — gladiator clothing red by Ron for marcreinhardcgn Prehistoric peoples venerated the color red. The red ochre pigment that they use in their cave paintings was believe. To hold “life-giving” powers since ochre was seen as a gift from mother nature.

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