Two young spanish students launched a campaign. Denouncing the job insecurity of interns in companies. The campaign consists of a line of fictitious products. For interns that seeks to make people reflect on the. Poor conditions that companies often offer in their. Internship contracts with posters emphasizing these. Complaints they began the campaign in the streets. Of malasaña and the plaza de la puerta del sol and callao. In spain in the images you can see four brands such as nike. Samsung goiko and idealista which supposedly show their new. Fictitious products, but they do not show anything. Since that is what an intern can buy with his salary.

Currently the Most Widely Used Digital

Online payment tool in mexico the platform. Allows you to make various. Payments online using payment link qr and point. Among others mercado Venezuela B2B Listings pago has an active user. Base of more than 3 million users it is estimated that at. Least 5 million people are active within the different digital platforms. Such as social networks and ecommerce apps due to social. Distancing digital platforms have had imminent growth in recent. Years it is estimated that at least 4,480 million people. Are immersed in these digital networks on a daily basis a figure. That represents at least 58.8 percent of the population at a global.

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Venezuela B2B Listings

With mercado libre the application already had a chargeback. An action that generated the complaint in networks. Report extra charges from mercado pago within the social network twitter. His first bad experience with one of the most important. Online payment platforms in mexico and within the tweet the. Affected person indicates that it is the first time using. Mercado pago and my account is blocked until I pay a chargeback. That I never generate no support person solves me and they. Just repeat the same thing to crap. Given this action, the enthralled account. Of the federal consumer attorney

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