Live Shopping allows you to usein the chats on what interests you at that moment, for example. Live Shopping Opportunities 4. Allow viewers to viralize the content The tools and platforms that are usto do Live Video Shopping will always offer customers the possibility to share the live broadcast, in such a way that they are the ones who help it reach more people. 5. Obtain sales through customer FOMO (“Fear of missing out”) During the broadcasts, exclusive offers are creat that can be support by FOMO, in which the fear of customers

of not getting limit stock products can be appeal. In summary, the 5 key points that Live Shopping aims at are: Engagement: allows you to increase on average up to 5 times the time  the website. Experience: allows you to improve those shopping experiences and increase conversion rates. Marketing: Time to Market is very fast and quick to implement. Management: events are easy to manage. Performance: they can be follow up to obtain learning.

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5 steps to implement a Live Shopping strategy Define objectives: it is necessary to be clear about the Latvia Phone Number bjectives that are expect to be achieved with each broadcast, as well as which are going to be the featur products and which are the ones that you want to have the highest conversion during the broadcast. Partner: it must be defin who is going to accompany the brand to do all the production and, above all, the part of the planning of the event. Design communication strategy: it will be necessary to define what the communication channels will be to announce the event.


They can be emails, social networks, for example. In addition, the appropriate time and dates to do so will have to be defined. Review prior to the event: it is important that, prior to the event, a technical test is carried out with the partner in charge of production to verify that everything is in order. Host: Whoever directs the broadcast must have the ability to trigger viewers to start engaging in the online shopping experience. Today it is more important than ever for

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brands to look for different channels to complement and improve the customer experience. To do this, an omnichannel approach, such as Impulse’s comprehensive ecommerce service . Schedule a free growth session with us and discover everything we can do for your business.\
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