How to make an online store? Bet on digital transformation! Having an e-commerce can mark a before and after in . Discover how to make an effective online store! edward eneque edward eneque Founder – CEO Electronic commerce has become a wonderful alternative to reactivate the economy and satisfy the needs of consumers. That’s why, precisely, if you haven’t done it: the time has come to learn how to make an online store! The measures implemented by governments to prevent the spread of the virus led thousands of consumers to \

completely change their shopping habits and generate unexpected demand in e-commerce. Current situation of e-commerce in Latin America In the ranking of the countries with the most internet sales are: Brazil, which exceeded USD 10 billion through e-commerce platforms. Mexico,growth in the last 10 years with rates greater than 30%. Colombia, which today is positioned as the third country with potential in e-commerce and has had a boost of USD 7 billion. Chile, which is the creator of the retail model and has the market with the highest sales per capita in e-commerce in the region.

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And, of course, Peru, which is the country that has had the highest growth in electronic commerce Morocco Phone Number latforms with rates of 30%. With the arrival of the pandemic, electronic commerce in. Peru had an increase of up to 400% , according to statements by the president of the. Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (Capece), Helmut Cáceda. How to make a free online store Challenges and opportunities of. E-commerce in times of pandemic The reality is that the pandemic hit the economy of many companies.


Today, a high percentage of people are looking for value for money , that is, they want to get or obtain the best alternative with their budget. That is why at the time of purchase the options  that offer promotions prevail. This is how each business has been faced with the task of reevaluating its strategies and opportunities, in the face of new consumption habits and user budgets. The vectors where more possibilities of growth have been found are: Home: With remote work, consumers want to be

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comfortable at home and are looking for desks, furniture, decorations, etc. They also want new appliances and entertainment like televisions. Food: The pandemic has encouraged the preparation of healthy meals at home, hydration and, of course, physical activity. Delivery: many consumers now opt for delivery to avoid going out to public places. Older adults: people who are over 45 years old have been having a greater participation in the use of e-commerce, since they are the ones who are most afraid of leaving

their homes. But if your business doesn’t fit into any of these categories, don’t worry! It does not mean that you are losing validity, on the contrary: it is a challenge for you to apply new. strategies that allow you to attract those potential clients with needs that no one has yet supplied for them. 6 steps to learn how to create an online store Define the KPIS : it is important that you establish the objectives that you want to achieve with your online store, in order to know their performance later. Evaluate the growth projection:

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