ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online The female audience’s affinity for video games has reached unpredictable limits. An affinity that has led him to outperform even teenagers, becoming the largest segment of gamers, according to the Entertainment Software Association. And it is that dedicating moments of leisure to video games is not an activity reserved exclusively for the youngest, but rather its audience has grown and matured. As the YouTube report collects, the theme of the 6 of the 10 most viewed channels on the video platform is related to video games. Likewise, more than 20% of the channels that make up the Top 100 on YouTube in terms of number of subscribers revolve around video games. The predilection on the part of women for video games has gone beyond mobile games based on crosswords, or the popular Candy Crash. The IDC study for YouTube indicates that about half (45%) of active eSports users are women. This raises a new paradigm in the study of user behavior, as well as their demographics. Lewis Ward, IDC’s director of video game research, predicts that within a decade, the major sports leagues will be played online, not on the field. The mobile revolution has undoubtedly spawned a new generation of female gamers , who actively enjoy this form of online fun. A practice that soon led them to outnumber males (52%), thus forcing brands to reconsider their advertising strategy on these devices, in order to insert advertisements targeting women into games. As we can see, games are an interesting advertising medium. The  Belarus WhatsApp number list   big brands have already evidenced this paradigm shift, and are striving to reach their target audience through these new ways. Consequently, gamification is already present in your marketing strategy. As examples of this, we can highlight the initiative of Coca Cola, linking its brand to Mario Kart, or sponsoring content in mobile games. For its part, advergaming is an increasingly widespread practice within the brand strategy of companies. The next step in this industry will be the expansion of programmatic purchasing to all areas of Marketing and the integration of all of them. More and more Marketing managers want to have applications that allow them to control all the activities they are developing and see how their messages are working, as well as know who their audience is and plan actions to be able to increase it and reach new customers. The use of this type of application will increase and it will do so hand in hand with a change of mentality in the measurement of Marketing actions. There is an increasingly generalized trend that is committed to measurement based on Attribution Funnel, that is, that takes into account all the stages and all the points of contact with the customer. Additionally, programmatic buying is no longer limited to Display. The rest of media such as Mobile, Social Networks or Video have experienced great growth that will increase in the coming years. It will also grow in emerging channels such as out of home advertising and television. Smart TV will be joined by directed television that, although it is not yet working in Spain, will surely end up reaching pay channels, as is already the case with cable television in the United States. With all these advances in new channels it is clear that cross channel strategies will prevail.

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