Strategic layer: understand product positioning & value The main solution of this layer is that the design Costa Rica Phone Number should be in line with business goals and avoid repeated adjustment of the plan. This requires us to have a Costa Rica Phone Number deep understanding of the positioning and value of the product: why do this project (value)? What are its core business/differentiating features (positioning)? Figure 2 Product Requirements Prototype Take 58 Daojia Selected Auntie as an example: when taking over this demand,

Layer Is That the Design Costa Rica Phone Number

PM students worried about missing the key points, and directly brought the process prototype Costa Rica Phone Number diagram (as shown in Figure 2) to meet the demand. Through this prototype, I learned that this product is a tool Costa Rica Phone Numbers -type APP for cleaning aunts. It provides order management, message management, map navigation, personal Costa Rica Phone Numbers center and other functions for aunts. But this is all superficial information. To make a design that fits business goals, you must understand the underlying logic of the business. After further communication, I got the information I wanted to know, which is explained below with a stakeholder map (Figure 3). Figure 3 Stakeholder Map As shown in the figure,

Functions for Aunts Costa Rica Phone Number

Costa Rica Phone Number List
Costa Rica Phone Number List

Daojia selects a platform that provides publishing services for merchants and distributes the Costa Rica Phone Numbers services to customers. Moreover place an order after seeing the service information. After receiving the Costa Rica Phone Numbers order notification, the merchant distributes the service order to the aunt. The aunt comes to provide services for customers. Moreover and after-sales application on the platform. This is a seemingly complete service chain, but because the platform lacks. The direct management of the key service link, that is,

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