Social networks have become a very powerful marketing tool for advertisers, due to the massive use that Internet users make of them. However, just like their behavior, platforms of this nature continually undergo changes, which companies notice and verify in their marketing strategies. This is what emerges from the latest report by the company Social Media Examiner, a document from which we analyze some of the most important social media marketing statistics in recent months, ranging from the penetration of these platforms among brands to the type of strategy for which they will bet the most throughout this year. All the data analyzed shows that more and more companies are committed to strengthening their digital presence and using social media and environments more actively.

More and more companies are choosing to incorporate social networks into their marketing strategies, making them multi-channel. In fact, most marketers agree with this integration between different types of dissemination channels and tactics. Thus, 84% of those surveyed by this company claim to have an integrated marketing strategy, in which social Ivory-Coast phone number list   networks are part of them. This percentage is divided as follows: 60% of companies are already integrating social networks into their traditional marketing strategy and 24% strongly agree with this incorporation. On the opposite side are a minority 2% who say they strongly disagree with this integration and 6% who disagree.

With the passage of time, companies are beginning to integrate into their social media budgets an item for the analysis and comparison of the results obtained. Thus, 52% of the companies surveyed by this research indicate that they carry out this procedure and 20% that they strongly agree with it. On the contrary, only 2% strongly disagree and 12% disagree. Despite the fact that social networks serve different purposes for brands (improve their brand image, increase their community of followers, improve their web traffic to the company’s website …) there is one function that reigns among the others: the increase in lead generation.

This utility is manifested by 66% of those interviewed, for whom they invest more and more budget amounts, which are measured through the hours dedicated to these social platforms. Thus, the average hours that they say they invest in social networks is six hours a week. In turn, this report also advances which are the favorite social networks of companies when it comes to achieving their goals in the online environment. In this sense, there are few surprises to come, as the ‘big’ continue to hold the main positions in this particular ranking.

And it is that Facebook, with 93% of the companies that claim to be present on this platform, which stands as the queen of social networks among companies. It is followed by Twitter, with 79% penetration, and LínkedIn, which reaches 71% of the companies surveyed. On the other hand, specialized social networks, such as Slideshare, are the ones that occupy the worst positions.

Finally, the sixth trend revolves around the content that companies find most interesting to disseminate among these platforms. Thus, the majority opted for video, with 72% of the affirmative answers. It is followed by blogs, with 69%, visual content of another type, with 68%, and podcasts, with 43%. Along these lines, the majority say they will increase their video budget in the coming months: 72%. It is followed by those who acknowledge that they will keep it, with 15%, and those who indicate that they have not thought of integrating it into their social media marketing strategy, with 13% of the total responses.

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