We already know the benefits of content marketing. An increasingly used strategy to awaken consumer interest in the product, increase brand awareness and generate positive results and recommendations around it and its products. For the sake of savoring these honeys, companies have launched into content creation. This hectic activity has generated unprecedented infoxication, which has only made it difficult to stand out. The infographic of Scripted indicates that daily published no less than 27 million pieces of content.

However, the results are not exactly as expected. 86% of B2B companies bet on content marketing. About half (42%) post daily, or at least once a week. Despite these efforts, only 21% are able to measure the Lebanon WhatsApp Number List effectiveness of their strategy. Even 62% consider that the results of this activity are worse than those registered the previous year.

On the opposite side, consumers complain that the content that companies show them through their pages is not relevant, what happens then? What is the problem with this mutual frustration? If we delve into the modus operandi of these companies, we can see that 48% lack a properly documented content marketing strategy. This can be a compelling reason that causes your efforts to fall on deaf ears.

To obtain positive results, it is necessary to design a strategy that includes an editorial calendar, based on previously established objectives, and contains perfectly measurable KPIs. It is also important to know the target audience, their interests and what type of content is most relevant and attractive.

Companies that have a documented strategy are capable of obtaining positive results. The infographic shows that: Those organizations that publish an average of 15 posts per month, manage to attract 1,200 new leads. Even at a lower cost. Content marketing techniques save up to 13% per lead.

Customers subscribed to newsletters, on average spend 82% more than the rest. Thanks to nurturing it is possible to increase sales by 50%, and lower the cost per lead by 33%. Inbound marketing is also an effective technique to boost sales; capable of driving 54% more interested customers to the conversion funnel than outbound marketing.

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