You have been working for months to make your ecommerce work, making a great marketing strategy and everything is ready to start selling. Have you thought about how you are going to send your products? It is common for new entrepreneurs to neglect this part of their online store and not worry that the customer receives their product in the best conditions.  Loyalty to your current customer and attract potential claim to have supported a company that offers great delivery service. To ship your products that you have sold, it is vital that you have the best tools, platforms or applications for it. In this post we will help you find these ideal tools for the entire process of shipping the product to delivery to the customer: packaging, shipping information, rate calculation etc.

packaging tools

Here are some packaging options. Packaging Suppliers On the internet you have several. Packaging providers that are interesting and can help you offer a great service. Here we tell you a trick. What does it consist of? Your packaged products have to pass this test on a hard surface and protecting it Bahrain Phone Number from breaking. With this test you make sure that your products will withstand the typical impacts during transport. This test is performed using 5 types of landing: landing flat on the base, on top, on the longest side, on the shortest side, and in corners. In addition to this “test”, your products.

Best packages

Bahrain Phone Number

Shipping management tools for ecommerce. Shipping information and general options When making a shipment, you can find different.  Options and variants Bold Data to choose your courier. Each company offers different rates and services. However, although if you have a Shopify store you can use shopify  which will make things much easier for you. Here is a list of transport companies with different shipping options and that guarantee an excellent service.

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