How to create What must the content have to activate sales? Follow these recommendations for the best sales enablement content. edward eneque edward eneque Founder – CEO Who doesn’t want more sales? With this end in mind, many companies decide to invest more in marketing or hire more salespeople. However, there is a more affordable and fundamental way to do this: by creating sales enablement content . What is sales enablement content? This is any content used in the sales process, whether by the sales team or even by the prospect himself.

This comes in different forms, they can be case studies, options and modalities of use, statistics, infographics and video tutorials. But, how to create that content that helps to close more sales. Therefore, Here are some suggestions: Tips for creating the best sales enablement content 1. Therefore, Take into account the different decision makers. In the B2B world, decisions are not made by a single person, but by an entire group, and it is precisely this group into account when creating sales enablement content. Therefore, it is worth asking what roles decision-makers could have and how to appeal to all of them.

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To know this target group you can do the following: Use the brand’s sales experience. After each demo, look at who was involv on the lead side. Talk to the customer service team Ivory Coast Phone Number nd the most experience sellers. Use site analytics to understand potential customer behavior , from age, gender, and interests to device usage and more. 2. Demonstrations of innovative products. Demonstrating the product is a  enablement; however, many marketers find it challenging, because so many things can go wrong, from unexpected software bugs to an unexpected, off-topic change in conversation.


This is where a sales solution can help that allows sellers to reuse and personalize their product demos to create a more predictable experience. saleswoman doing a product demonstration with a customer 3. Develop customer success stories Success stories are the best way to illustrate how your product or service can help your customers. These contents must cover the entire experience provided to the client, what the strategy carried out consisted of and what the results achieved were.

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The recommended structure is usually the following: Initial situation: challenge. What is the problem facing the customer? Is it a simple solution or a comprehensive problem that affects multiple areas of your business? Proposed solution. Here the implemented strategy should be detailed step by step. Strategy results. What happened? Show the results (ROI, percentage of change, new opportunities, traffic, conversion rates, etc.) around which the KPIs and strategy were established. Impact of the strategy.

What does the customer think? How did it influence your business in the short or long term? What else will be done to make sure it keeps getting better and better? At Impulse we continually share the experiences and success stories of our clients , recounting how we help them by generating real, optimal and intelligent solutions and growth strategies. 4. Videos of live sessions or workshops For example, at Impulse we carry out smart growth sessions with representatives of e-commerce brands, where we provide them with guidelines and recommendations

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