When your client speaks in all sorts of e-mail messages, letters—you name it. Every smart phone has a “Notes” feature, so you could type in those golden words the client just shared and agreed to allow you to share with future prospects.The point here is that supportive comments and testimonials from your clients are literally drops of gold when used to break the ice with prospects, and establish some credibility for yourself and how you do business. So think of yourself as “Panning for gold” each time you sit with your client. Keep your antenna up for comments .

That of Your Team Have Made a Big Difference

And NEVER fail to capture those comments and ask for permission to use them with prospects. You’ll find clients are generally happy to help in this effort and even happier they have no further work to do beyond sharing the comments at the moment. The technology is in your pocket or in your Jordan Phone Number purse. Get familiar with the functions and make it easy for your clients to open doors for you with valuable prospects.There are many times you demonstrate value—when you have helped the client identify a problem he or she couldn’t see clearly alone.

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When a Solution Comes Together That Would

Not have been possible without your work together, or when the plan produces demonstrable return on investment. Don’t let these opportunities pass by. Look over your account list and identify those current clients you think would be most likely to give you referrals based on the work you have done with them and the relationship you have developed. Then approach each of them, thinking in advance how to frame your request. If you have not asked anyone for referral in a while, think about getting a plan in motion. Maybe one ask per week—or maybe as you get into the flow, you’ll find ways to do this more often than that.

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