Secular and imperialist nationalism could seem to triumph. But no. The memory of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to the evangelizer of Spain. What sense can it make to say, or deny, that Catalonia, or Spain, or…, is a nation? We cannot, therefore, summarize or review how these dictionaries define the term nation. However, we still have the option of asking ourselves why it does not appear.

could seem to triumph; but no, since the Feast of the Pillar was celebrated on this day. The memory of the apparition of the evangelizer of Armenia Phone Number List. National monuments Nor did the state promote the construction of monuments to national heroes and glories. When Ferdinand VII died, there were no patriotic monuments in Madrid. The kings had lived in Aranjuez or La Granja, rather than in Madrid.

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At the beginning of the 18th century. There were only two monuments of political significance in Madrid: the equestrian statues of Philip III and Philip IV, gifts from the Medici, which exalted royal power. Not national glories. Charles III beautified the city with the monumental church of San Francisco el Grande, the gate of Alcalá and the Paseo del Prado crowned, at the ends, by the sculptures of Cibeles and Neptune. But these monuments did not decorate Madrid as the capital of the state, but as a court or royal residence. Ferdinand VII added the gate of Toledo and converted the building of Villanueva,


intended as a museum of natural sciences, The Liberals, who were responsible for establishing a new symbolic order in the nation’s urban centers, considered it a priority to build a monument to the dead in front of the French in May 1808. It never represented much. In 1850, the new headquarters ofinaugurated in the San Jerónimo race, in a central location, but on one side and without perspective.

The Spanish Parliament Were

. But the enemy on that occasion – the only one defeated throughout the nineteenth century – were the Moroccan troops who did not even form a regular army, in a conflict in which, exaggeratedly, Monumentalist fever increased in the late 19th century. The most ambitious and significant patriotic monument was the Pantheon of Illustrious Men, approved in 1869 by the Constituent Assembly of the Glorious, and

which sought to imitate the French Pantheon, the Florentine Holy Cross or the English Westminster. The great avenue that was to open the old town into a canal and that would lead to Les Corts did not even start. In the Restoration a Pantheon was thought, annex of a great basilica to be erected near Atocha; the annex was made, and the basilica was finished after the Civil War. Today it is one of the most forgotten corners of Madrid. 5. The lack of political consensus towards the monarchy Another factor that hindered the nationalization of the Spaniards was the limited capacity for

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