How to achievewith a Growth culture? How can the growth culture achieve marketing and sales alignment? Learn here how to get your teams to work together. Camilo Clavijo Camilo Clavijo Sales Director and Country Manager Latam at Hubspot In the past, the dynamics of companies created a fight between teams, where each one sought to grow on their own instead of collaborating. We saw how marketing took

the lead to attract new prospects and position itself in the market , while sales took the role of closing. From my point of view, this made us myopic. The reality is that these teams cannot live without each other. It is impossible to think of a Marketing department  a sales team without Marketing support. Fortunately, in recent years we are seeing a change in the world where we are no longer obsessed with revenue. Companies today have seen how growth is actually much more important.

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To achieve this, teams are starting to look to the side, see what they need and how to add value to each Lebanon Phone Number ther. Successful companies are the ones that dare to take that step and understand the importance of their teams colliding, having open conversations, brainstorming and being fully aligned. sales and marketing work teams A look at growth There is a lot of talk about Growth, because it is precisely aligned with the health of companies. Today, this is no longer measured only by the achievements of the Sales


departments, but by the ecosystem that companies manage to create. This leads us to talk about culture. In general, the organizational culture is changing towards an understanding of the importance of all teams contributing in the same way, where everyone rows towards the same goal. And how is this accomplished? With communication . With alignment so that everyone goes towards the same objectives and goals. Looking for profiles that are not only executors, but also problem

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solvers. Thus, it is no longer the responsibility of Sales to lead the growth path with potential clients, but to grow with existing clients and in different sectors. And that’s where the business strategy aims to help existing customers buy back and grow within what they buy from companies. How to form teams focused on Growth? 1. Hiring The first thing is to analyze who we are incorporating into the organization. For example, at Hubspot Latin America, teams have started to spend time helping with the onboarding

process for new partners. When we do an interview in Sales , it is common to see people from the service area, marketing teams and other areas participating in the hiring committees, because everyone is already looking to be aligned. 2. Speak the same language This is a fundamental pillar and in which there are still many problems. Landing this idea, we can see companies where each of the areas use different data and do not know how to communicate. Today we must have a single source of truth that provides us

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