As of february 14 to put it another way, valentine’s day. There are already many brands that have. Launched their best campaigns to make their consumers fall. In love on this special day. There are already many brands that have launched. Their best campaigns to make. Their consumers fall in love on this special day. According to data from statista in latin america, the countries. That celebrate this date the most are mexico, chile. Peru, argentina and colombia. This year there are already many brands that include much more. Technological and digital resources in their marketing strategies. On february 14, valentine’s day, there are already many. Brands that have launched their best campaigns. To make their consumers fall under those circumstances, in love on this special day.

This Year There Are Already Many Brands That Include Much

More technological as an illustration, and digital resources in their. Marketing strategies, especially on dates like these where. They have to capture more customer attention. To increase their sales. Currently, advertising campaigns. For valentine’s day continue to evolve. According to data from statista in latin america. The countries that UAE WhatsApp Number List celebrate this date the most are mexico. Chile, peru, argentina and colombia. In fact, up to 86% of mexicans usually celebrate this tradition. Followed by chile with 75%. 00:05 / 00:15 00:12 / 00:15 here. Are 5 valentine’s day 2022 campaigns with the. Highest digital investment 1- happy valentine – huawei. This campaign was launched by the. Technology must be remembered, company huawei from february 1 to.

February 10 in Spain to Promote Various

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Combos of its products with a 60 with this in mind, percent discount for this date. The campaign has the slogan “The best match for your valentine” and has a value. Of 345 thousand 655 dollars. According to admetricks data, this campaign has had an impact. Of 29,689,859 million and records 81,794,456 impressions. 2- valentine – beerhouse. The campaign of the exclusive beer brand beerhouse. For this date is also made up of various promotions and packages. Of its products for its customers. “paquete enamores” is one of its slogans and. Was launched from january. 27 to february 2 in mexico, having an impact. Of 175 thousand to put it differently, 111 and 536 thousand 922 impressions. It also on the negative side, had a value of 942 dollars.

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