How do Spanish companies behave in the current digital environment? Are we at the same level as other countries in terms of digital skills most sought after by companies or is there still a long way to go? Thanks to the latest study prepared by the ICEMD (Institute of Digital Economy) on Digital Competences in the company, we know more information about the relationship that companies in our country have with the different digital tools and new social media.

Online marketers are very clear about their goals and where to spend their clients’ budgets. But companies are increasingly aware that when they have to hire the services of an expert marketer, they must have extensive knowledge and digital skills that are essential to succeed.

Spanish companies are increasingly aware that their marketers have to move like fish in water in the online environment. These must be possessors of digital skills that in some selection processes are already  Germany Phone Number List  essential. Market sectors such as tourism and retail are the ones that most have these skills implanted in their departments and professionals.

The 10 digital marketing skills most sought after by companies
Capture and retain customers through a digital strategy

The vast majority of marketing professionals and managers prefer to focus their efforts on setting strategies in the digital environment in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It is striking that, despite being the preferred competition for professionals, it is also the least established in our country, as the study shows.

Have a business strategy and methodologies aimed at promoting digital innovation

This skill, another of the most demanded, refers to the strategies or decision-making of the corresponding departments of the companies in order to promote the use and development of new digital and social tools.

Have a specific strategy and technology to manage customer relationships

Another of the essential digital skills for the most sought after marketers has as its main pillar the attention to the clients and the relationship with them. To do this, it is recommended to have specific strategies that allow an effective customer service service to be offered through social and digital media, in addition to carrying out studies on the behavior of each of them or preparing a Customer Experience Plan.

Have a strategy and technology to exploit knowledge

Another of the essential and preferred points by digital marketers refers to the use by the companies themselves to promote and exploit knowledge of the digital medium and its infinite possibilities to achieve the proposed objectives.

Coordinate and work as a team in digital environments

One of the most valued digital skills today is the ability to work in a team or collaborate with other professionals within the digital environment.

Have a digital marketing plan

It is important to set a plan and work on it in order to obtain the desired results. This also implies the need to have our own team in charge of carrying out the digital marketing plan and implementing new strategies.

Diagnose the customer experience in the customer’s moments of truth

There are key moments during the customer experience. Moments that indicate whether the consumer has liked or not the service or product that he has used and to know the reason for those feelings. Successfully diagnosing what has happened is vital to continually improve your marketing strategy, almost in real time. Even if the user experience has not been good, if we know how to detect the causes and reasons, it will help us to improve the path that the customer takes until they consume or buy.

Know how to share content in the cloud and on social networks

Social media and the cloud have almost completely changed the way businesses and customers communicate. The cloud also provides clear advantages over conventional storage devices. Knowing how to use each of these tools and being able to get the most out of them is another of the preferred digital skills for digital marketers to possess.

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