phenomenon the later artistic tradition: the notion of mimesis. The complement to the text by the philosopher Estagira can be found in an essay by Todorov entitled “The Origin of Genres” (1987). The French author of Bulgarian origin reviews the idea of ​​gender throughout history and wonders about the topicality (or not) of some distinctions that seemed immovable and that, for the most part, they were based on formal and discursive premises. The novelty of Todorov’s essay, as we shall see, lies in the absolutely modern (and with a structuralist) look with which he approaches the question: he assumes the necessity of the existence of various

genres as a convention ‒ we want to know if it will be a novel, a book of poems or a play‒, but it clarifies its functions and presents new ways of studying them. Defense_to_displayFinally, in the fourth unit we will review another manifestation of diversity: that which has to do with the notion of frontier. Closely linked to the oppositions we have seen so far, the border has ceased to be a clear and distinct mark and has become blurred into a diffuse, liquid and mobile space. The great migratory movements of the twentieth century, the result of wars and economic crises, have contributed, on the one hand, and the awareness that the oppositions.

When We Take A Book

I-other, interior-exterior, subject-object have lost validity as the basis of an epistemological model. We can no longer think from the center, but neither from the periphery, Iceland Phone Number Which also claims its role of centrality. We will do this by reading two very different but complementary texts: “Introduction. Displacement, Diaspora and Geographies of Identity ”(1996), by Smadar Lavie and. Ted Swedenburg, and“ From the Other Side. Border Considerations ”(1993). By Claudio Magris. The former will show us the expiration of the old model and the dynamic nature of the new, while the latter, good and admitting the dissolution of. The boundaries between identity and otherness, will claim the need for the.


limit while assuming the inconvenience. Here is the paradox and the challenge of today: the constitution of the border as a central space. It will vindicate the need for the limit while at the same time assuming its discomfort. Here is the paradox and the challenge of today: the constitution of. The border as a central space. it will vindicate the need for the limit. While at the same time assuming its discomfort. Here is the paradox and. The challenge of today: the constitution of the border as a central space. The subject “Literature and diversity”, then, aims to provide students with the tools to reflect and critically rethink a series of received ideas that affect our conception of literature and the world.

A Translator And Editor

We will try to find some answers; but above all, we will ask ourselves questions. Juan de Sola , consultant of this subject, is . He has translated works by Goethe, Schiller, Brecht, Beckett, Josipovici, Walser, Von Hofmannsthal, Rilke and Reich-Ranicki, among others. He is finishing his doctoral dissertation on the concepts of criticism and translation in the correspondence between. Goethe and Schiller, and is preparing an edition of the writings of Walter Benjamin. Her interests focus on the notion of critique and public space. The forms of intervention and critique of modern and contemporary art. And the theories of literary translation.His best-known books include

The Invisible Religion (1967) , Theory of Social Action (1992) and, most recently, Knowledge and Society (1981-2002) . His best-known work, The Social Construction of. Reality (1966), was co-written with Peter Berger, with whom he had a lifelong friendship. Construction , as many of us who have studied sociology know it, is one of the founding. Works of the sociology of knowledge. The sociology of knowledge is characterized by. The desire to know and study the social contexts in which human knowledge takes place. Particularly the knowledge that individuals have of the world (of everyday life) in which they are immersed.

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