Eligibility for a grant is limited to established photographers. That is to those who need it less since they could move forward on their own relying on their reputation. After all what does it mean to be an accomplished photographer and to what extent does this discount a high artistic level I wonder. The anonymous author of their conclusion is so afraid to rely on the quality of the work and tries throughout the text to correct many obstacles. Is it to exclude swindlers Or why he does not trust the judgment of the committees But the ruffians in any case will hardly be missing. It is better to subsidize two talents than to exclude all young amateur pure photography photographers for peace of mind. Art and knowledge once had as an ally and partner time and duration depth and substance. The goal was there for motivation and not for profit. The end meant an end not an end. Today unconsciously turned into an adversary.

The dimension of time is either deliberately ignored

Art adapted obligingly and submissively and from the apostle of duration. The hidden shadow of things became the propagandist of the ephemeral and the superficial. Fashion became art and the art of fashion. The surface became a code of conduct and a passport to success. For the artist Ghost Mannequin Effect success is the rapid recognition of the superficial virtues that make his art fashionable. For the viewer the pleasure is the ability to quickly. Grasp those superficial features that reassuringly connect him to the present he knows. Knowledge ceased to be a process since such a thing presupposes the unknown and its endless search. From the book of wisdom we jumped to the instructions for use. What do we need to know in order to. The ephemeral goal of knowledge does not really need but the possession of superficial elements. Electronic computers from simple calculators became collectors of information surface elements the processing of which cut off from the time of life only serves today.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

The illusion of knowledge in the shortest possible

The second with duration and quality. Perhaps it is the illusion that the swelling of today drives away tomorrow with its terror of death. Perhaps speed banishes thought and the painful Bold Data dead ends to which the latter often leads us. Many years ago however a monk in the monastery of Sinai began to make a Gospel. He cut out the pages bound the book and then began to paint and decorate with gold and colors the first page. It took him a life before he could move to the second. This is how he won time as an ally and closed knowledge in the blank pages. Glory to the greatest Man.I dream of a country where the whole will be the sum of minorities and its history the history of the world. I dream of a country where religions will not be sects but a variety of voices for the greatest glory of God. Where Simeon will converse.

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