A consumer shared tecate and walmart’s creative. Design for valentine’s day at a presentation of the brand’s beer. Products on one of the shelves of a retail store branch. These types of brand activations or strategies, especially these designs. Are very common on these dates where they seek to. Captivate customers to sell more of their products. Or services the design shared by the user @donlalo_ on the. Social network shows a red heart made with the. Brand’s beer boxes statista explained that among the five. Countries of this region included in the study. Mexico registers the highest percentage, followed by chile. With 75%. Brand strategies to celebrate february 14, valentine’s day.

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In the world who has played for over 15 years. Have always been well received by consumers. Like the design made by tecate and walmart. To make their customers fall in love from their shelves. The day of love and friendship is an important date for many people. But also for UK WhatsApp numbers list companies to show their creativity in. Campaigns that make the public fall in love. According to data from statista, a survey carried out in january. 2019 by the picodi discount platform revealed that 86 percent. Of mexican respondents celebrate valentine’s. Day on february 14. 00:05 / 00:15 00:10 / 00:15 likewise. The statistical platform detailed that among the five countries of this region. Included in the study, mexico registers the highest percentage.

Followed by Chile With 75%. Tecate and Walmart

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Make customers fall in love with this creative design on their shelvesthrough the social network twitter. A consumer shared the creative design for valentine’s day. From tecate and walmart in the presentation of the. Beer brand’s products on one. Of the shelves of a branch of the retail store. The design shared by the user @donlalo_ on the social network shows. A red heart made with the brand’s beer boxes. These types of brand activations or strategies especially these. Designs are very common on these dates, where they. Seek to captivate customers to sell more of their. Products or services. For brands, the proper placement of. Products in stores is of great importance. These types of strategies are called neuromarketing and psychology.

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