A technical process on how to match colors to help you better creatively match colors and use your Jordan Phone Number favorite colors. Hello everyone, I am Watermelon. This time I will share with you a color matching technique that I have Jordan Phone Number used many times before. As long as the students follow along and try and practice a few times, they will find out the rules of this technique. I wrote an article on color matching theory “Principles of Color Design” before. In that article, I mainly explained things about color principles.

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Almost 90% of the content of the article was about the most basic color knowledge. , If there are Jordan Phone Number students who haven’t seen it, I suggest to go through it. Although it is not a practical technique, it is still very  Jordan Phone Number useful for understanding and Jordan Phone Number understanding color. The main color attribute positioning is HSL, that is, hue. , purity, brightness, the technique of this article is also linked to HSL. D012-Teach you a color matching technique that I will never tire of I will briefly talk about what HSL was before, explain it, and then we will start the actual combat skills. H is “hue”: the so-called “hue” refers to the name of hues like red or blue, that is, their appearance. In the theory (color wheel) of the “Mansell color system”

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I mentioned just now, There will be a total of 10 basic hues; S is “purity”: it refers to the degree of vivid color, such as “bright color”, “dark color”, this expression Jordan Phone Numbers means purity, according to the logic, the brighter the purity, the higher the purity. The purity of dullness is also lower. In the color wheel, no matter what color it is, as long as its purity Jordan Phone Numbers is lower, it must be closer to gray; L is “lightness”: it refers to the brightness of the color, and like the purity, it is also expressed in high and low. The highest brightness is white, on the contrary, the lowest is black; OK, now that we know what HSL is, we can start.

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