.Chris P  its founder, contacted Shopify Plus, desperate for a solution. There had to be some way to solve the problem. It was Black Friday  a time that should have been the height of its business season. However, everything was falling apart. Chris  found himself in a storm. The co-founder of   the successful Canadian retail and online. leggings brandwhich he created with his wife Addie in 2014, was in a compromising situation. His company was entering a deep crisis. “I was trying to stay calm,” he says. “But as you can imagine, it’s impossible to stay calm when your business, that offspring, that project we put all our efforts into, was literally falling apart right under your nose.”   was out of order. The problem was not only a technical failure, the slowness of the page and having to constantly update it.  was completely offline. “The only thing I was getting was an error page, to be honest. ‘Try again later Overordering. Too much people traffic. The page, plain and simple, collapsed .

Everything was fine until it stopped. 

The evidence was not long in appearing. After a year of activity, when they already had a network of 300 independent distributors. The SweetLegs Vietnam Phone Number website crashed every time a new product was launched. Their wholesale buyers. Sometimes already loaded with hundreds of items in their carts. Were unable to properly navigate the site and process the purchase.

As much as we forced it, the system never fell

Vietnam Phone Number

Pafiolis, true to WooCommerce and its WordPress back-up system, resisted changing while they could. Now, as another Black Friday approached as well as new product launches, despite the monthly server costs, the website continued to clog well Bold Data into 2017. So the risk of another failure during the season festive was too serious to tolerate. The problem was that the calendar already marked the month of October, but Pafiolis wanted to change the ecommerce service in advance of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. The deadlines were, to be honest, quite tight. It was one thing to modify the site’s back-end, but migrating its data, including all of SweetLegs’ customer data, was a daunting task.


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