This year, it seems that rap celebrities will be the. Protagonists of the famous halftime, which will take. Place at so fi stadium in los angeles on february 13 2022. The super bowl is the final game of the nfl season pitting. The nfc champion against the afc winner according. To data from statista this event had an average. Audience per minute of 5.7 million viewers in 2021. The super bowl lvi halftime show will be the first. Time five artists have been brought together to sing together. On stage the super bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting. Events every year by thousands of fans around the world.

Who Not Only Want to See the Rivalry of Their Favorite

American football team but also enjoy one of the most. Popular shows of all. The times as it is the halftime show. The super bowl is the final VP Tech Email List game of the nfl season pitting. The champion of the national football conference. (nfc) against the winner of the american football conference (afc). This game every year is seen by millions of people. In the united states and the world. According to data. From statista, this event had an audience. In 2021 average per minute of 5.7 million viewers. Tuning in on streaming platforms in the united states. Likewise the statistics platform details that consumer spending. In the united states, shortly after a trailer.

It Is Estimated That They Will Spend a Total

VP Tech Email List

Of 13.9 billion us dollars on purchases related to the super. Bowl in 2021. 00:05 / 00:35 00:09 / 00:35 the epic trailer. For the super bowl lvi halftime show but those data that. Surrounds the mythical event are not the only ones. Because among the people who consume this event they also. Wait for the half time show where artists such as. Michael jackson bey once lady gaga among others have. Been presented this year it seems that rap. Celebrities will be the protagonists of the famous halftime show. Which will take place at sofi stadium in los. Angeles on february 13, 2022. Well, presented this thursday.

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