Relationships with customers in the near past, in which there was no current information and advertising saturation, or online media or social platforms where accessing the opinions of other customers of your services or products with great comfort, made advertising have remarkable reach and lasting impact. Today’s consumers are connected. Connected to searching for hours to prepare your holidays and buy online, connected to social networks where you can find out first-hand opinions of other buyers, connected to compare prices before accessing your physical store? Few are aware of your publicity.

Advertising designed and created with the old parameters, and for the old media of information consumption, suffers an impact crisis precisely because it is obvious that consumers pay less and less attention Vietnam WhatsApp Number List   to these traditional media, compared to digital ones, and to prototypical formats. to count the benefits of your products or services. You want to sell more. What to do so that your advertising has greater impact and effectiveness? Stop doing it and create content.

It is not about maintaining the mantra that content is king. It is applying common sense in a relationship that should matter so much to you before your client asks for a divorce and leaves with the next person. Because practically all the products that we want to buy have multiple sellers unless we are talking about tickets to travel to space. And there is already more than one company that offers them. How to keep your customers? How to stand out from the noise? How do you get them to pay more attention to you than to your competition?

If products have become commodities, what counts is the story behind them. The legion of Apple users gives a good example of this every time a new device comes on the market that, in reality, is manufactured and assembled by other companies. But take the apple. It’s from Apple. They want it. Because there is a story behind the product, the company, its founder? A legend has been built to hook the consumer.

We all have stories to tell and companies too since they are made up of people with their individual and particular history within a community with a particular objective that is that company. It is a matter of discovering which points are the ones that can be best received by your potential clients and what can make you different from your direct competitors. Study what they do and choose some first options to start building your story, if possible, as far away from them as you can. Then decide which means are the most appropriate within the resources available to you to have the highest ratio of impact to cost and start telling your story.

Evaluate and analyze the result of each step. What has worked well for you? What part of that initial story has reached the most people? Review and modify what has not worked so well and continue. Always maintaining the coherence of the message you want to convey. With that frequent contact that digital media and social platforms can achieve with your customers, the quality impact will come. With more positive impact, you will reach more and more potential customers and from there more sales will come. Or are you afraid to be like Apple?

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