To enjoy this campaign users only have to enter youtube. From google chrome on their desktop computer or they. Can even enjoy it from their smartphone with the youtube. Application the video the gives the internet user the possibility. Of moving around the scene at will and visualizing. What the eyes of the american soccer player see. In a true virtual reality experience. The video accompanies watt on a busy sports day so the user. Can almost feel firsthand the hard training in the field. And even the effort of lifting weights in the gym from all possible angles.  Starring other sports stars such as jamaican athlete usain bolt. And tennis player serena williams in a few days this video of. The nfl player has exceeded 30,000 views on youtube.

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Of sarcasm and. International instagram is a social network with great positioning. And with grea Chile WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists growth expectations which according to emarketer. Could surpass google and twitter in advertising revenue for the year. Now the social network specialized in sharing photos. Has launched officially its api for advertisements. Related notes: a user-configurable ‘test drive’ on . A migrant’s journey documented on . This artist turns coffee into works of art and uploads them to. Mobile marketing is one of the strongest trends with.  That as it maythen againabove allin realityafter all.

Chile WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Of People in Relation to the Cell Phone

What happens when everyone has. Cell phone addiction except you? The new viral video that will make you cry: ropes. The best viral videos of the week checking.  Looking at social networks all the time without paying attention. To the one next to you walking and reading mobile content. With this argument vivo (from telefónica brazil). Invites brazilians to the usar campaign. The telecommunications company seeks to promote. Discussion on the subject of conscious connection and the behavior.

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