Diversification of advertising space diverse and inclusive. Companies and privacy on the internet are some of the. Trends that we will by all means, see in the digital industry. For this new year, the predictions of the digital industry. Will benefit advertising companies and internet users. Advertising spend will shift to ads targeted to digital channels. Companies will take diversity and inclusion and labor. Flexibility as pillars of success and users will have privacy on the web. The acceleration of digitization and the adoption of new. Technological tools due to the covid-19 lockdown brought. With it endless opportunities for advertising. According to adam singolda ceo of taboola.

The Predictions for This 2022 of the Digital Industry

Go towards the diversification of advertising space. The creation of plural teams in companies and the. Improvement of user privacy on the internet. Digital industry predictions for 2022 previously the advertising. Investment of the brands Thailand B2B listing turned to traditional media. Such as television newspapers magazines and radio. However with the entry of the pandemic and the explosion. Of ecommerce internet advertising increased in mexico alone. Data from statista indicates that by 2020 more than a third. Of the mexican population made some type of purchase online. And with this, the number of digital buyers approached 51 million. An indisputable fact is that to the end that, electronic commerce will. Continue to grow exponentially, in the case of mexico.

To a Greater Extent to Ads in Digital Channels

Thailand B2B listing

Which means a reduction in investment in traditional channels. According to a pwc report internet advertising will. Exceed television advertising to put it another way, revenue and could generate revenue. Of more than three billion dollars by 2025. Technology will be at the service of the media and advertisers. In order to reach consumers with this in mind, and their correct selection. Will be very important taking into account the multi-platform. Exposure of the different target audiences said ana laura barro. Client business partner at nielsen ibope mexico in an. Exclusive interview with merca 2.0. Also, the digital industry. Will have to broaden the reception of talent and become. Diverse since equity and inclusion initiatives improve. Collaboration innovation first thing to remember, and make work fun and rewarding.

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