The consolation is that the consolidation of the perception that education. The first stage of work seems to be contradicted by the internationally growing unemployment of the educated. It is possible that we will one day reach a dead end situation where the need for vocational education increases so much that it becomes counterproductive. Then it may be accepted that education is a tool a key a method for our continuous and lifelong individual. Education which makes our and interesting. Livelihood and career are only one aspect of this adventure. It can neither be the only one nor the main one. After all in the game of life we ​​learn rules but we also make our own since the only given part of the game is the beginning and the end. The education regulators should before they decide to look into the eyes. The children of the First Grade on the day they first come to the classroom and think about what they are preparing for them and what. They are promising a place in production or a place in their.

Art must emerge as the preeminent space

Treating art as a national product goes against its most essential. Hopeful dimension the one that constitutes the consciousness and conquest of our century and which is its global and timeless scope. Great artists belong to everyone. What distinguishes the products Photo Restoration of art is the degree of emotion they evoke and the quality of the language they use. Press and analysts rejoice because the youth have turned to Greek music and modern. Greek literature or because Greek films have started to sell tickets again. But I cannot understand why we should be happy. The youth consumes Greek musical byproducts as they are offered or imposed on them and not be sad that they do not adopt a possibly. Better quality music even if it is of foreign origin If we left the Beatles and Dylan to end up with. Domestic folk music it cannot be only a cause of joy and national pride. But also the requirement that the artist express himself through thematic and morphological.

Photo Restoration

Elements that refer to his national identity

Complex personality which is neither reasonable nor necessary to be treated with percentages of national influences. The national roots of the work will be seen if they occupy an important part of the spiritual world. The creator without him actually having to pursue it but still Bold Data they will remain discretely present as a particular element among. The many of the abstract edifice that constitutes the artistic product. The international tendency for artistic exchange likes similar underlines. A national character because in this way the artistic products more. Easily acquire a clear identity for the process of their promotion. But this must be an additional reason for resistance on the part of artists. Art lovers who know that each one of us carries within himself. The artists he has chosen and their identity is part of his own. And this regardless of nationality. The flourishing of individuality and the personal dialogue between creator and receiver.

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