If one word became fashionable this year among marketers it was video. The experts did not stop analyzing the impact that this tool had when it came to deepening the messages sent to consumers, when it came to achieving more engagement or when creating messages that consumers are more willing to share with their own contacts. . But the analysis was not only theoretical, since the statistical data also supported these forecasts and these theories. Video consumption grew dramatically in recent years, and ads in that format rose sharply over the period. Brands do not stop investing in videos, either by creating their own content or by positioning themselves in the videos of others through advertising. Only on YouTube (which is the main player in this market) the purchase of ads during the period grew by 200%.

Does this mean that everything is already said and everything is already done? Have brands run out of novelty in the field of video and there isn’t much more they can do or say to position themselves in this field? Is the video market too mature to be removed from the list of items that will be trending in the future? The truth is that experts do not believe  Malaysia phone number list  that everything is said or done in the world of video and the truth is that there are those who continue to put it on the list of things that will be important and new in the future. Video may have grown a lot, and it may have grown particularly noticeably in recent months, but experts predict that it still has a lot of room for maneuver and that it will grow much more. Analysts do not hesitate to include it among the big trends for next year, so much so that there are for whom video will, in fact, be one of the big trends in 2016. That is what Hootsuite believes, which has highlighted it as one of the big elements for next year, albeit with a quirk.

2016 will be the year of social video, that is, of social video. During this year, different new generation services have appeared that have added a new layer to social content and that have made video much more accessible. There are services like Meerkat or Periscope, which have become fashionable and have created a peak of attention related to them. Suddenly all brands wanted to experiment with live video in social settings. But in addition to these services, the general video options that social networks offer have also changed: more and more social networks allow you to publish videos directly on profiles and more and more of these social networks are struggling to position themselves within the sector and win the game YouTube as the place Internet users turn to watch videos.

But beyond the contextual and generic elements, there is other data that supports the idea that social video will be one of the great trends of 2016 and one that will have more and more weight and more importance. The video does not stop growing and growing The weight of video in online traffic is increasingly important, which shows that Internet users are much more focused than ever on this content and that they are more willing than ever to access it. Internet users want videos and more videos and they are not only watching other people’s videos but they are also producing them themselves. According to data from Cisco, the forecasts are impressive. In that year, video will already account for 80% of all global network traffic.

Consumers will also be uploading a lot of videos. According to his estimates, about a million minutes of video will be shared every second, which means that if someone wanted to sit down and watch all the videos that are uploaded to the network around the world in a month, they would have to dedicate themselves to task 5 millions of years. Taking into account that social networks are the favorite platform for consumers to share content, it is not difficult to imagine where those millions of years of content will be uploaded.

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