February is the month of love and friendship or valentine’s day. Where many people in the world join in celebrating this date with gifts. According to data from statista the expenses of consumers. In latin america on this date were the chileans who spent the. Most on gifts for the celebration of this day. While the same survey of the statistics platform details. That the mexicans surveyed spent one dollar less compared to. Chileans with an average of 42 dollars per person. With men also spending the most in relation to women. February 14 is a date celebrated in many parts of the world.

Where They Celebrate It on September 21 of Each Year

While in argentina it is september 20. In that sense this day involves many important terms in people’s. Daily lives there are different industries in the world. That benefit from the arrival of this date since it serves to. Motivate advertising Hungary B2B listings campaigns sales promotions. Among other things. 00:05 / 00:15 00:09 / 00:15 in the advertising industry. Thousands of brands launch their campaigns with. Marketing strategies for valentine’s day, where originality and creativity. Are very important to capture the attention and make all their. Customers fall in love. But this strategy is already normal to see the networks. Of brands known worldwide even those that are local.

A Promotion That Was Launched Exclusively for the Day

Hungary B2B listings

Of love has gone viral on social networks. Through the user @diana_avill on twitter. A consumer shared the image of a promotion that she found. In a little store which she did not mention her name but she was. Moved by the creativity of the offer. The “pa’ que-te enamores” promotion contains a bag of the. Well-known takis a victoria brand loggerhead and. A tico condom, for only 50 mexican pesos. In the advertising where they present the offer the consumer. Can change the package of takis for some cheetos. The post quickly went viral on twitter where users. Commented that they were interested in this super offer.

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