The emergence and rise of the Internet and new technologies has traditionally been considered a challenge for brands and advertisers. However, they did not know to what extent their advertising strategies were going to change with the arrival of new mobile devices, which have no signs of stopping in terms of news. We observe one of its greatest exponents, at present, through smartwatches, a device whose emergence generated suspicion from brands but has penetrated among consumers.

The sequence was already experienced with the presentation of the iPad by Apple, which was considered an unusable element for users and has become one of the star products of the audience in recent years, assuming a 180 turn. degrees in advertisers’ strategies.

The same, it seems, is going to happen with smartwathes, in view of the latest market research in terms of advertising investment that these devices will receive as well as the user base that will end up using them. This is what emerges from a recently published study carried out by the company Juniper Research, in which it is argued that smartwatches will attract millions of advertising investment in the next four years.

Specifically, this research underscores that while these devices are confirming their popularity with users, they are now significantly penetrating brands as well. Thus, it is expected that this year, only in the  Portugal Phone Number List  United States, they will monopolize an advertising investment of 1.5 million dollars, an amount that will climb to 68.9 million dollars in 2019.

The outlook has turned favorable for these newly created devices. Devices that, on the other hand, require advertisers a series of reflections and challenges for the future. Because, is it the same to address a target audience that consumes television and does not move from their place of residence than to do it to a user who is in continuous activity and accesses information through their watch?

In this sense, experts agree that smartwatches represent a real business opportunity for companies and brands. Opportunity that is not without risks and challenges for the future, among which we can highlight adapting to the needs of users of this type of device and, especially, to its spatial and temporal limitations.

In fact, the research carried out by Juniper insists, as has happened with tablets and smart mobile phones, which have forced companies to adapt their marketing campaigns and content to these screens and technical characteristics, companies will have to adjust with the new format in which smartwatches are designed, which in turn is determined by the tiny format of the screen as well as by the behavior of users.

That is why the new advertising formats must take into consideration a series of technical and strategic specifications. They have to go through taking into account the activities that users will carry out with this device, which, they emphasize, will be short-term in time, which will take them to use them for just a few seconds.

Checking the weather, notifications received on social networks or identifying calls will be the most common. Hence, brands have to put the batteries and spin very fine to capture the attention of the audience. Attention, on the other hand, which is diminished by the size of the screen of these smart watches, which makes advertisers have to adapt their ads to a very small space and a double challenge to overcome in the future.

Trust is the key

Both limitations could reduce the interest of brands to advertise on this device. This is an option favored by a limited group of experts who, nevertheless, hold several keys for smart watches to consolidate as a successful advertising medium. In this vein, according to Mashable’s Tood Wasserman, advertising is perceived as intrusive, becoming diffuse.

That is why the battle of the brands in this new medium goes through the commercialization of them in a massive way, which is only achieved through the trust of the users towards the device. Thus, users will look favorably on the advertising transmitted through this device, despite having little time to browse.

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