All I know is that as the years go by the tears visit me with greater ease and frequency. In fact if one considers that tears accompany infancy when they replace the inability of speech. Accurately express pain and fear then the fact seems even more oxymoronic since in my own middle. And it is a reason capable of giving shape to the sadness to the rage to the despair or even. The joy and delight that often become the occasion of these tears. After all the years should be accompanied by a satiety towards all the bad and the good things that happen to us. Or at least with familiarity. However my death that befalls others is enough for my eyes to water and my voice to break. And I always refer to the woes of others because if they strike me myself. My defenses will rise to meet them with rage or with sobs but not with tears. It is then a fact that calls for an answer even if it is none other than my stubbornness. But when this fact is outside of me then it concerns me only.

The embarrassment it causes in his environment

Tears that seem to be caused by the same cause. Perhaps when we are younger we think of sadness as something completely separate or opposite to joy. And by the word joy I do not mean that which is expressed in laughter as a nervous and flat reaction but that which gives Color Correction Service rise to exultation and deep emotion. So this joy is the product of a sensitivity that is born and nurtured in sorrow. And one needs the other. The tears that fill the eyes and the knot that clogs the throat in front of the painting or when listening. The piece of music is the emotion born from the gratitude we feel for the artist’s existence and at the same time for our ability to be moved by them. The tears and knot born of life’s troubles are not sure to be tears of sorrow. They are also tears of tenderness tears of emotion because it is the same world that lives death. loneliness as the one that gives birth to the great artist. And in him we have the joy of living and the ability to be moved.

Color Correction Service

The differences which I find distinguish me

My inability to join the Greek reality. To enjoy for example modern Greek songs to watch. Byzantium to laugh with the Mitsou to consider our race superior to others to hate the Turks to feel Bold Data betrayed as a Greek and lately nationally humiliated. I even believe that if I were to overcome this weakness I would feel like a fish in water. That my identification with the environment would guarantee me security and peace. Of course the fact that I do not achieve such a victory is perhaps not only. Due to weakness but also to an insidious arrogance that pushes me to stand out. And when I can’t do that with my skills maybe I do by highlighting my differences. Just like a disabled person who reduces his disability to specialness and rejoices even with. But if I try to put aside my guilt for a while and take up my own defense. I might be able to convince myself and argue that the things that are important to each of us are different. How our childhood constitutes everyone’s root.

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