Preface The full text is more than 2000 words, and it only takes 5 minutes to read. Starting from the Ghana Phone Number actual needs, this article briefly describes the prototype of the mappe DSP system from the initial understanding Ghana Phone Number of the business requirements to the implementation. And share some personal thoughts and practices in the project from 0 to 1. 02 Background It is mid-August, two months have passe since the 618 E-commerce Festival in the middle of the year. After a frantic round of market launch in e-commerce, the consumption of advertising has decrease, and the unit price of the traffic market has also begun to decline. It is the time for games and content industries to increase their volume.

Market Launch in E-Commerce Ghana Phone Number

However, the business of our marketing department is at a bottleneck, and daily Ghana Phone Number consumption can only be maintaine at a relatively stable value. Seeing that September is approaching, and the theoretical Ghana Phone Number  advertising traffic during the National Day period will have a small peak. If you can’t grasp this wave of traffic, Ghana Phone Number  then once Double Eleven arrives, this year’s performance will peak. At this time, the question arises: “How to help the marketing department to increase consumption quickly and steadily?” 03 Business dismantling I was ordere in a critical situation, because all the product lines I was in charge of at the time were only partially involve in the business of advertising, and they were still relatively shallow. So, I did two things to understand this business.

Seeing That September Ghana Phone Number

Ghana Phone Number List
Ghana Phone Number List

The business department will sort out the current business process and give it to me, including. Ghana Phone Numbers the creation of channels, advertising, advertising strategies, etc.; As an advertising novice, I trie to create a delivery Ghana Phone Numbers plan and experience the entire business process; Familiar with the industry, the time relationship can only be roughly understood; Combine with the business process of the marketing department, I completely ran the path of advertising placement several times. It can be summe up in two words complex. The approximate process is as follows: It can be roughly seen that. Basically all functions nee to be operate manually, and the pitcher also needs to operate back and forth across platforms. The whole process is time-consuming and error-prone, which is a great inconvenience.

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