That’s what I think when I just look at pages of people like you and me who talk about how well they are doing with their projects or personal businesses. They all follow very simple bases: do what they like, teach others and publish a balance of everything. The goal is for a phrase to cross your mind: when I grow up I want to be like you! And then they will have a new customer . The perfect breeding ground It is logical to think that this type of marketing is all the rage today if we analyze a little the social environment in which we live:A rampant crisis that squeezes you into looking for new alternatives or creating them yourself. An opacity and mistrust in almost any social sphere (let’s not talk about the political one?) That collides with any indication of light, trust and transparency. Internet is established as a perfect medium to undertake nationally and globally. The second youth who are experiencing blogs as a marketing and sales channel using techniques such as storytelling . That is to say, that by boat we soon have a perfect breeding ground to infect others with our personal success with an enviable lifestyle. And we also have the perfect channel to teach it to everyone, every day of the year and 24 hours a day. There is na ‘!

Empathy is the key This formula is not new. The “get rich like me” model has been around since marketing is marketing, only now it is played with other rules, and the key is empathy. If you want to start selling your phenomenal lifestyle, you must put yourself in the shoes of the “client”, know their current situation and know what they need from you now that they are reading your story. It is not enough to show the reader how well you are being an expert in your subject and teaching others, no.  Qatar WhatsApp Number List  Something else is needed. You must teach that the same thing that you are doing, he can do it too. And that is why it is vital to show how you started from scratch to reach your current situation and do so with confidence and transparency. Let the reader see that if you can, he can too , and convince him of it! But it works? And so much that it works! Well, am I not telling you that it is fashionable? There are many who already start their own project or lifestyle to promote it and make a living from it, of course. And the truth is that there are not a few cases of experts who not only make a living from it, but also obtain much higher income than what they obtained with their previous lifestyle.

Once you tell how you earn a living and show that it works for you, you have already earned the trust of the reader, and then many ways of generating income can come into play: selling your own products, affiliate marketing, consulting, etc. So do not hesitate, if you are thinking of starting something new, this may be a good opportunity to sell your lifestyle. Do not worry if you still do not have a successful model to sell, because the grace is precisely to show how you start from scratch and end up becoming the expert that everyone wants to become. Show them how you do it! The answer: empathetic content. Today’s consumer searches, finds out, listens to their references. Be wary of advertising. You want to be sure of your decision. And for this, the content that makes sense to you is the one that will capture your attention. For this reason, Inbound Marketing has masterfully positioned itself as the most effective way to generate opportunities in current times. According to Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot and who did his thesis at MIT on this topic, Inbound Marketing is the strategy of generating relevant content, of high value for those who read it, with the purpose of generating interest from future customers. In other words, people today, more than ever, consume the information that interests them with a functional purpose and if we are able to enchant them with valuable content (empathetic in the end), we will be able to generate real interest from our future clients.

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