The frame-by-frame analysis method originate from an experience research project for loading scenes. Baidu Encyclopedia’s definition of loading is: all software must Egypt Phone Number be loade into the memory to run, and loading Egypt Phone Number is to read the require files and information into the memory. To put it simply, all the process of reading information from the server and displaying it on the screen of the mobile phone belongs to loading; taking Baidu APP as an example, the typical loading scenarios are: startup, opening the FEE landing page, opening the search landing page, etc.; these scenarios have A common feature is: dynamic process, and the process is relatively short. Base on the above characteristics

Baidu Encyclopedia’s Egypt Phone Number


The reason is that for a dynamic process, static screenshots cannot see the full picture of the Egypt Phone Number process, there are few comparison points, and the analysis elements are uncontrollable (in a static screenshot, all Egypt Phone Number  analysis elements cannot be covere). The Egypt Phone Number problem is also obvious: the process is too fast to see the details clearly; the rhythm of different videos is different, and it is difficult to compare; therefore, for this special scene of loading, a brand new method needs to be adopte. To the whole process, you can see the details at a glance. See the real chapter for the subtleties – the generation and application of the frame-by-frame analysis method

To the Whole Process Egypt Phone Number

Egypt Phone Number List
Egypt Phone Number List

Taking the loading scene of Baidu APP opening the landing page of the small video as an example Egypt Phone Numbers , when I trie to split the 300ms process screen recording into 18 sequence frames, I found that in addition to clearly Egypt Phone Numbers seeing the whole process, for all the processes in the process Details can also be seen at a glance; at the same time, the sequence frames can be arbitrarily split to complete multi-angle observation. See the real chapter for the subtleties – the generation and application of. Together with  frame-by-frame analysis method So far, the prototype of. Moreover  frame-by-frame analysis method has been produce. In the following chapters, I will introduce how to complete the sequence. Together with  analysis and how to export the sequence frame. 3. How to perform frame

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