The exhortation to emphasize what unites us and not what divides us is being heard more. More often by really wellintentioned people. But maybe this is also dangerous. Because it leads to groupings and exclusions. Nothing needs to be emphasized other than the uniqueness of each person and the respect and admiration that they deserve and owe to them. After all the things that unite us would have no value if there were not those that separate us. That is why I would suggest hanging in every school classroom a picture of the Earth like the one that shows it from above floating in the universe. When I started teaching fine art photography several years ago. I was full of certainty and conviction that I was zealously trying to convey.

Photograph worked in simultaneous and close

The paths of the labyrinth were becoming more crowded instead of clearer. Burdened with anxiety and responsibility for those who followed him. But as the labyrinth grew denser and the answers more Photo Retouching difficult a sense of balance and truth more solid than. All the previous ones though without their clear outline was established underground. The search was now getting exciting. Each photographic image instead of shrinking into its components expanded until its final dissolution to convince me. The search for truth lies beyond the phenomenon and behind the real. The veiled intensities of creation began to become so precious to me that I came to love mediocre creators by empathizing with their relationship to the process. I felt that the photograph speaks of nothing precisely because it encompasses everything.

Photo Retouching

Truths that while we believe in their existence

Around then my teaching torture began. Against the eyes that were looking at me I now felt guilty. Because while I knew more and more deeply I was unable to handle a demonstrative therefore directly contagious discourse. My words led me to metaphors and analogies Bold Data while my voice echoed ironically. A teaching through silence with time as an ally rather than an adversary became my deepest desire. I felt like the artist who knows something deep inside and tries his whole life to say it with words. Sounds or colors and when he sees it or hears it he realizes that only a small part of it has worked. My words though correct now expressed to me their selfdenial. Perhaps however this is what teaching and imparting knowledge is all about. A way a method to be led on the path of search to believe in what we cannot express to accept the unknown and the mystery. And so let’s slowly build beliefs that will be based on deep and ineffable.

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