Continuing with our interview series on entrepreneurship, we reached out to two Kiwi entrepreneurs – Samantha Gadd and Tony Falkenstein – to get their perspectives on what makes for a successful business.


Samantha Gadd


Samantha Gadd is the Founder and Managing Director of Humankind, an innovative and future-focused consulting business that provides expert employee experience and HR advice to organisations and government agencies across New Zealand.


1. What advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur?

Back yourself, be ambitious and be prepared to work really hard to execute your idea – a great business doesn’t come easy!

2. Entrepreneurs often have to deal with setbacks or failures. How do you cope with this?

I remember that every moment will soon pass. Realising South-Korea Phone Number that a low will only last for a moment in time, and the same goes for a high, means I try to live in the moment but not get too overwhelmed as it is all part of the journey. Of course, this has got a lot easier as I gain more experience!

3. What are the top 3 challenges you’ve faced as a business owner, and how are you overcoming them?

  • Finding and retaining top talent: I ‘eat my own dog food’ in this respect – focusing on my leadership and the experiences we are providing our team.
  • My own ambition: I have worked so hard my whole career but particularly since starting Humankind and often at the sacrifice of other things like personal health and family. I am very focus on 2018 being the year when I can achieve a different blend (I don’t believe in balance!).
  • So much to learn: Building a business means building skills in finance, brand, leadership, legal, relationships and the list goes on. I am learning every single day, which often means I have done something I wouldn’t do again – being okay with failure and moving on (failing fast) is part of the journey.  best database provider| buy mobile database

4. What is the best way for an aspiring entrepreneur to raise capital?

My experience has been to bootstrap – but there are so many avenues now so I would suggest to reach out to networks and do your research.

5. Do you think there’s a recipe for success in business, and if so, what is it?

Purpose, passion and hard work. I believe you have to be wire to make a difference, and this means something different to everyone

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