This type of situation demonstrates the importance. That platforms and social networks play today. As well as how necessary it is to promote an adequate. Dialogue within the digital world twitter has become. The social network par excellence to generate. Contact between brands and consumers user pointed. Out that total play’s catalog was diminished. And replaced by poor programming. Given this ricardo salinas commented from his personal profile. That he would order to cancel the user’s account. Twitter has become the ideal window for users to make known. All kinds of situations and experiences of everyday. Things data provided by the same social network.

There Were Around 353 Million Active Users

Within the platform, which represent one of the most. Active communities within the platforms today. It is common to find complaints or comments. From different Dominica B2B Listing users who seek to resolve. Their concerns or simply make their consumption experience. Known to alert or motivate potential consumers. However sometimes within the conversation various. Situations occur, such as the one starring salinas. Pliego and a user who when complaining about a service. Received a forceful response from the mexican businessman. The mexican businessman ricardo salinas pliego. Is an extremely active character on the internet since he. Took control of his network profiles and. Events such as the aforementioned are found daily.

That’s Good Nice Star Plus La Removes

Dominica B2B Listing

Their channels from @totalplaymx 7 of them. And of course @totalplaym puts on 5 farting channels from. @universaltvla to compensate for the loss. But nothing to see and of course they will not make. Adjustments to the charge for the tv grid. Wow 00:00 / 00:10 00:04 / 00:10 salinas plie go cancels user. Service making known an obvious disgust at the situation. The cm of total play responded with a comment in which he. Points out: issue with the channels was not attributable. Or made by our decision (removing them from programming in latam). And as you mention, compensation was made with universal. Any questions you have here are here to help you.

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