Digital conversations foster interaction between. Companies and consumers vanishing physical limitations. Salinas is one of the most active characters. On social networks especially on twitter. Grupo salinas contains at least 20 companies. Which have generated a fortune of at least. 12,500 million for the businessman. It is estimated that the businessman has a fan base. Of more than 900 thousand. The businessman ricardo salinas pliego. Is one of the most active characters within the. Platforms and social networks being twitter the one that has taken. The most advantage since he personally took control. Of his social networks it is because of this that he. Counts with approximately 900,000 followers.

With Whom He Interacts Directly Taking Advantage of

Opportunity presented to him to promote and publicize. The services that his businesses provide. In addition to his personal brand that has made him. One of the most active tweeters within from the country. This social network has become the window for internet. Users to expose all kinds of experiences related to. Consumption it Paraguay WhatsApp Number List is estimated that during the past. Year the twitter mexico user base registered approximately. To grow all things considered, in the coming years, reaching 13.88 million. Accounts by 2025. Salinas pliego has a “super fan” on twitter. The large number of active users within the platform allows unique. And unexpected moments to be created. Which can become viral due to the. Conversation that can be generated.

An Example of This Is What Was Done by the

Paraguay WhatsApp Number List

Who posted a tweet given these points, where you can read the phrase. You can not talk about your achievements in life with. People who do not have the same hunger as you. Dream as if you were showing them off and they will. Offend” with which he generated various comments. Among which he highlighted to his biggest fan who did. Not hesitate to post a photo that proves it. 00:05 / 00:15 00:08 / 00:15 the first comment generated by the businessman shows a photograph of him. In which the previously mentioned phrase stands out. Commenting on the following within the conversation. Exactly and I do not understand why. He comes to for the most part, twitter to take their village baths.

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