Although it is somewhat disturbing for consumers that what they have just searched for on the Internet becomes an ad that appears everywhere, it is clear that retargeting works, and that is why many advertisers want to join, also on social networks. And in fact, on Facebook, spending on this type of campaign is growing like foam, according to data from the retargeting platform AdRoll. Since last year, investment in this social network has increased by 31% globally, although there are significant regional differences by sectors. Thus, while in the United States it is B2B companies that are leading this growth, in Europe retailers have increased their budget for retargeting ads the most: 37% compared to the 5% increase in B2B companies. But both are scarce given the 68% increase in other companies (such as app and game installers).

There is no doubt that retargeting on Facebook continues to ensure a more than acceptable return on investment, and if we add to that that since last year the social network has offered new formats and tools to carry out campaigns, this increase in spending is not surprising .
One of the services that Facebook enabled last year was retargeting  Belarus phone number list  for mobile phones, so that companies can cross-check data from various devices, something that is very attractive to make campaigns even more effective. And the study shows that, indeed, cross retargeting works better, since when advertisers include mobile and desktop in campaigns, impressions and click-through rate increase, while cost per click decreases, a trend that occurs in all regions.

Although obviously most conversions occur outside of this social platform (display ads are responsible for 63% of retargeting conversions and Facebook only 37%), the report highlights the advantages of adding a platform as popular as Facebook to other existing web campaigns, since the conversion rate increases significantly. Thus, on mobile, impressions increased by 92%, cost per click decreased by 28%, and cost per acquisition by 33%.

The increase in investment in retargeting (for Facebook or any other channel) was to be expected if we take into account that a year ago only 12% of companies opted for this type of campaign, which has proven its effectiveness on very few occasions. And despite the fact that there were still few who had tried it, 56% said they would do it the following year (that is, this 2015).

Because the reception among advertisers is being exceptional. In another AdRoll study we could discover that 90% consider it the most effective tool within online advertisements. The advantages are manifold: they help to achieve greater brand recall, ensure greater engagement, retain consumers and ultimately also boost sales. In addition, 54% of advertisers consider social networks an especially effective channel for retargeting, since it allows access to hot topics. On the other hand, with the boom in the use of smartphones, 56% already choose to design their campaigns for the mobile.

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